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    unnamed (1)When it is time to defend a criminal charge, only a reputed criminal attorney can help. Understand the magnanimity of the situation and get to work right away. There are private criminal defense attorney you can choose depending on your financial condition. If you are low on finance, you can seek the assistance of court-appointed counsel or even try self-representation. But this could be a bad idea. http://smordinlaw.com/ could be your stop to find a good attorney. You can also find more information on criminal defense attorney at Nolo.com.

    Hiring a defense attorney is a crucial decision, and it can make or break your case. Some information that can get you close to the best criminal attorney is listed below:

    Look for an attorney ASAP
    Do not waste any time. Contact a criminal attorney immediately after you arrest. Despite the court time being some time away finding the right attorney may take time and hence it is wise to act immediately. Before the court hearing, you may want to improve your position in the case. For example, if you are accused of drug or alcohol abuse, your attorney might advise rehabilitation before going to court.

    Hiring an attorney
    Selecting the right criminal attorney could be a challenge because of the immense choice out there. There are some suggestions listed to make your search simple and safe.

    Check for free consultation
    Most attorneys offer the first consultation free of cost. During this meeting, you can draw up to a conclusion if the attorney will be capable of handling your case. On meeting the attorney ask question regarding the case and find out your chance of winning. This is a no obligation meeting, and you are free to reject the attorney if you find him/her not suitable for your case. Come prepared for the consultation, bring all your case details to help the attorney understand your case and give guidance.

    What questions to ask?
    Here are some questions that can help you decide on the criminal attorney. Find out which area of criminal defense the attorney specializes. There are some who are full time into criminal defense while some do it on a part-time basis. Focus on a full-time criminal defense attorney would be the right choice as they will be familiar with the criminal court proceedings.

    Ensure the attorney belongs to the state where the crime took place since the system of state and federal courts varies. Find out if the attorney has experience in your state’s court proceedings.

    Experience matters
    Find out how many years of criminal practice the attorney has put in. Also, check the success ratio. Also remember that having many representations does not mean the attorney is experienced. Check if the attorney is capable of handling case of your concern. The niche areas have to be identified. A DUI attorney may not be apt to handle felony cases.

    Local jurisdiction
    An attorney familiar with the local jurisdiction would be an added advantage. They would be familiar with the judges and prosecutors.

    Find out how much the attorney charges for handling a case. Some charge a flat rate and others bill on an hourly basis. Flat fee is common in criminal cases, and it is free of any confusion.

    The above tips will help you choose the right criminal defense attorney who could be your ticket to freedom.

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