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    Ware House Management As A Part Of Supply ChainIn the supply chain management, WMS and warehouse management software play an important role. By using this software, movement of goods can be controlled and goods can be stored. It is a highly intelligent and advanced software which makes management of software very easy. By using ware house management inventory system software, any transaction within the ware house can be processed. Activities like assigning goods correctly to the right cost or profit centres and routing them correctly are performed by this software.

    Activities of ware house:
    Once the software is installed successfully in the systems of a ware house, following activities can be properly tracked and controlled:
    Receiving products.
    Shipping products.
    Picking up the correct products.
    Packing of selected items.Real time data shows when the bin of the ware house needs filling so that the stock can be updated from time to time.

    Objective of the ware house management system:
    They employ highly useful and advanced computerised mathematical algorithms to handle the dealings like receipts of the stock. This software can also track the items that are returned back to the ware house. The most fascinating quality of this software is that it can also give suggestions regarding proper spacing of racks. They represent the complete facility at a given point of time.

    This software makes use of most latest and advanced technologies to meet the requirements. Most of the ware house management software’s use:

    1) Auto ID data capture: Auto ID data capture is like huge umbrella under which all the technologies fall under it and guide all the other smaller software. These data captures include wireless local area networks, bar code scanners and radio frequency identification tags abbreviated as RFID. These all are latest and advanced technologies.

    2) Enterprise resource planning: WMS and ware house management systems are available either as standalone products or as supply chain execution programs in enterprise resource planning strategy. Supply chain ware house management programs are incorporated in larger systems. Enterprise resource planning store management programs work upon the complete network of organisation. Stand alone systems of ware house inventory control are separate networks.

    Effective management systems like ware house inventory management system controls storage and movement of products in a ware house. The configurations of soft wares’ slightly differ from one another in terms of configuration. They help the success of any organisation and any management system is considered effective if it reduces the costs and if it fetches profits.

    Ware house management reduces over- storage of goods and under- storage of goods. It saves time and ensures the proper delivery and visibility of goods. Any ware house organisation that utilises ware house management software will be definitely benefitted. By using this software, goods can be properly stored and transported. They can be supplied to customers when they need the goods urgently. Automation always prevents human errors and is time efficient. It reduces the expenditure to a large extent. Overall, the fetch an exuberant outcome for the stores and the staff will get benefitted from it.

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