• Learn how to Make 100k per Working from Home

    In this day and age, the internet is king. Companies like Google have become billion dollar companies because they made the phone book obsolete. When someone needs to find the product or service they’re looking for, the first thing they do is hop on Google.com from their PC, smartphone or tablet to find the information they need. Jeff Lenney has been able to make over $100k per year by taking advantage of search engine optimization methods and he can help you do the same.

    What is Search Engine Optimization?

    Have you ever searched for something on Google and wondered why some websites were on page one and others were on page 50? The websites on the first page of google have reached this position due to their search engine optimization abilities. Google knows that specific keywords and phrases are extremely competitive, so they spend countless hours creating rules for websites and reward them with high rankings based on their adherence.

    Websites who reach the front page of Google receive hundreds of thousands of visits per month, and everyone knows the higher the traffic, the more likely it is to make a sale.

    What is 100k Factory?

    Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are creators and innovators. They’ve created a unique software that can help anyone learn how to create websites that are optimized to generate high amounts of traffic. Jeff Lenney signed up for 100k factory and is now making $3,000 per month from each website he’s created.

    The great thing about this software is that you don’t need to be a computer guru to use it. Many people who knew nothing about search engine optimization methods, websites and social media have been able to use this software to work from home and make a very substantial income. The best aspect about this software is that the sky is the limit. Based on your motivation and drive to make money, you can make even more. Some of the top websites are generating upwards of $20k per month.

    How Does it Work?

    The 100k Factory software uses multiple aspects to help you generate as much traffic as possible. You’ll learn about affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, email leads, building email lists and selling your own products. All of these come together to work in harmony to increase your internet presence and drive traffic straight to your website.

    100k Factory also takes advantage of the booming social media industry. Every day you hear stories about average people who had a video on YouTube or a social media post that went viral and became overnight celebrities. 100k Factory software is designed to take this type of potential and put it into the palm of your hands. Instead of becoming an online celebrity who gets 15 minutes of fame, you’ll be using this online popularity to increase your profits.

    Sign up Today

    If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make $100,00 per year, you’ve found it with 100k Factory. As long as you’re motivated, teachable and love money, Jeff Lenney can help you get started today.

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