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     Ipamorelin And Mineral Content

    Primarily used in research environment and is a result of large secretions of hormones particularly in animals. The chemical name of Ipamorelin is CJC 1295. The chemical can affect the cells. But it is more stable when compared to Sermorelin. The chemicals are used in animals to research the potential effect of the Melanotan injection. The chemical mixes with the receptors found on animal skin to increase energy, pigmentation, appetite, inflammation and sexual functions. The usefulness of Ipamorelin is still in progress.

    Studies have revealed that there was an increase in the hormone secretagogues in the female rats. This would increase the biochemical markers necessary in the bone formation. The aim of the experiment was to find out if the chemicals like ipamorelin or GHRP-6 can increase mineral content in the bones of the rats. Moreover, the 13-week female rats were exposed to either of these chemicals through osmotic minipumps for a span of 12 weeks. The progress was monitored via dual X-ray absorptiometry once in four weeks. Once the study was over, they killed the rates to check the femurs using Vitro mid-diaphyseal pQCT scans. The ash weights of the vertebrae L6 and femur were determined.

    It was found that the chemicals improved the rat’s body weight as well as the tibial BMC and vertebral in comparison with those rodents treated under controlled settings. Moreover, the pQCT scan results indicate that cortical BMC was enhanced in the cross-sectional bone region, but the cortical volumetric BMD was static.

    The studies were aimed at finding out the possibility of whether ipamorelin could increase or decrease the gastrointestinal movement in rodent postoperative ileus. This time male rat was given the laparotomy and intestinal manipulation. Once the surgery was over, the dye marks were administred on the proximal colon to evaluate the post-surgical colonic movement time or in other words the time to reach bowel movement first. Throughout the study, the body weight, food ingestion and pellet output were monitored. In this case, the male rates were given Saline vehicle, GHRP-6 or Ipamorelin using intravenous bolus infusion of about one to two doses a day.

    According to the study, ipamorelin reduced the time taken for the first bowel movement. However, there was no change in the body weight, food intake or fecal output. But with repeated doses, there was an impact on the body weight, food intake, and pellet output. This goes to prove that using ipamorelin under postsurgical setting will increase the symptoms especially those rats with postoperative ileus.

    The study also revealed that depending on the type of ipamorelin given to the animals to increase the hormonal secretions versus chemicals used to improve the response of melanocortin receptors revealed a small difference in the structures of the amino acids. However, the study on the effectiveness of the product in a natural setting is still under study. Though, there is a significant improvement in the mineral content in the bone. The cells can be affected by the intake of the chemical resulting in large secretion of hormones.

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