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    copil_spalat_dintiIt might take some years for babies to have their whole set of first teeth to grow through the gums. The baby teeth are the placeholders of their teeth at adult stage. If a child has not a healthy tooth, it will suffer from dental problems once grown up. So it is very important to take of your kids teeth and ensure that your child is free from dental problems. For any dental assistance for your kid, you must choose the best doctor in your city. You must check using the city name to reduce the time of searching. For example search using the exact keywords like dentist Aurora where the search engine displays the entire dentist available in Aurora.
    You need to pay attention to your kid’s gums. Apart from brushing everyday using a child’s tooth paste, you can follow some easy steps to protect the baby gums. Take a soft wash cloth or piece of gauze and wipe the gums two times a day. The best time to wipe is after feeding your baby and before bedtime. It eliminates bacteria from their gums that affect your infant’s tooth popping up through the gums. You can start brushing your child when the first tooth appears. Your kid’s toothbrush must be very gentle, ideally with large handle and small head. You can use the toothpaste as little as possible similar to the size of rice. At the age of three, the size of the toothpaste you can use for your child should be pea sized. Brush your kid teeth smoothly on both front and backsides.
    You need to brush your teeth till your child brushes independently and has grown enough to handle the toothbrush. One your child has started to brush on his/her own, you can supervise the process. Usually at the age of six, your child starts to brush in right manner without your assistance. Though your child brushes independently, you must check for any signs of decaying tooth, discoloring or cracks in the teeth. If you find any problem, you must take your child to a pediatric dentist who provides the dental treatment for your children.
    Your child must have a practice of visiting a pediatric dentist at the age of 1. Your dentist will guide you on the teething process of your children. Normally, infant teeth might sprout at any time from three months of your baby to twelve months. Your child gets almost twenty teeth once he or she reaches three years of age. Lower teeth grow first and after a couple of months, your child’s upper teeth started to grow. Some children are anxious to brush and this is due to soreness in their gums before tooth pops us through the gums. This pain vanishes after five to six days before the teeth breaks through the gums. At this time, you baby may decline to eat any food or drink and biting toy or fingers will relieve the pressure in their gums. You can get an appointment with your baby’s dentist if the pain is severe and it is better not to visit the dentist for mild symptoms.

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